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Proactive Plumbing Tips

There are a lot of homeowners that don’t know that you have to take proactive measures to cut down on plumbing issues.  If you don’t pay attention to certain things, you could be looking at some serious issues at some point down the line. For example, that leaking pipe in basement could cause structural damage to the home and be a lot more expensive to repair than a pipe.  

Most of the time people ignore the smaller issues because they think they’re not that serious.  

You can prevent larger issues by doing some simple things around the house.  Here are a few great tips you can do to stop from having major issues down the line.


  • Find the main water line and take note of where it is.   This is the number one tip for a reason. If you have a flooding toilet you need know exactly where to cut the water off to keep water from overflooding throughout the bathroom or worse the entire house. Turning off the main water line


    1. Pay attention to slow drains.  If you’re using your bathroom sink or your tub and for some reason the water is taking forever and a day to drain, that could be an indication that you have a clog in your pipes.  Don’t take this lightly, this needs to be handled immediately so further clogging does take place. If you see this issue you can pour boiling water down the drain.
    2. Don’t Flush Everything down the Toilet.  A lot of people think that you can flush anything down the toilet. You have to understand that the toilets pipes are not as large as the opening, so flushing things like plastic bags or gift wrapping paper clogs pipes like you wouldn’t believe. Even things like napkins or paper towels clog the toilets so keep in mind what you’re flushing down the toilet. You can avoid overflowing issues if you don’t flush certain things.
    3. In the Winter, turn off your outside taps.  This is a major key because if you have water in your pipes during winter, you could be looking at a burst pipe in no time.  This is no fun and can be extremely costly. Find the outside tap line and turn it off to prevent water from being in those pipes.


  • Cover Your Faucets and Exposed Pipes in the Winter.  This is another major key. When you cover the faucets and exposed pipes you prevent leaks or worse things like pipe burst from happening. The best way cover a faucet is to cover them with towels and then use a plastic cover over the towels.  The best way to cover exposed pipes is to place a thick towel over the pipes and tape them down using duck tape.


  1. Use the Trash more than the garbage disposal.  Most people think that the garbage disposal can handle everything.  The garbage disposal is not for all types of food and food particles.  Certain foods with grease being poured down the drain can cause major clogging issues and be a real pain to use afterward the build up.  You can prevent this all together when you have to
  2. Pay attention to water you see on the floor anywhere in the home.  If you suspect a leak you need to call a plumber asap to prevent further damage and mitigate the current issue.  You may clean it up once and it may not build up for a while. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to have it checked out ASAP.


No one said being a homeowner was easy. As you can see there many things you can do on a regular basis to prevent major issues down the line.  You should definitely get regular maintenance checks on your home every 4 to 6 months or at the bare minimum once per year. This will ensure everything is running properly and you get a professional opinion at the same token.  

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